CIM series in Mathematical Sciences (CIM-MS)

First, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences (CIM-MS) published by Springer-Verlag.

The birth of the CIM-MS Series occurred during a meeting between the Executive Board of CIM and the Springer-Verlag Executive Editor Mathematics Martin Peters who honoured us with a visit to the headquarters of CIM at University of Coimbra.

The CIM-MS Series contain proceedings of CIM events, consisting of expository articles, research monographs and lecture course notes, among others. Springer developed a special book design for the CIM Series in close collaboration with CIM and published, distributed and is selling the books in the CIM series worldwide in any medium, in particular, in electronic form. The president of the Executive Board of CIM and the president of the Scientific Council of CIM are the editors of the CIM-MS series.

We invited all the Scientific Community to propose volumes as authors or editors, that will have an international recognised scientific impact in their research area, some of them published by the CIM-MS Series. 

The list of pulished volumes can be found here.