Workshop CIM & Enterprises

26/11/2021 a 26/11/2021

Date:  November 26, 2021, at 14h:30m.

Registration:  There is no registration fee, but registration is mandatory (Google form for the registration).

Link for online meeting:

Target Audience: Researchers, technical staff, undergraduate and graduate students (PhD students and Posdoctoral fellows), with interest in challenging mathematical applications.

Organization: The workshop is promoted by CIM  (International Center for Mathematics) in collaboration with PT-MATHS-IN (Portuguese Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation).



CIM is an association that aggregates the Portuguese research centers in Mathematics, as well as some other scientific associations, and universities. CIM’s main mission is to promote activities that contribute for the mathematical development, research and to the establishment of collaborations between entities, not only academic, in the scientific area of Mathematics.

The workshop CIM & Enterprises will directly contribute for this mission, being organized by:

Isabel Narra de Figueiredo, University of Coimbra

Paulo de Carvalho, University of Coimbra

Ana Luísa Custódio, NOVA School of Science and Technology

Filipe Marques, NOVA School of Science and Technology

Ana Jacinta Soares, University of Minho

Goal: Mathematics is an abstract science but also an undoubtably powerful tool to address challenging problems that arise in very different disciplines, such as physics, engineering, computer science, pharmacy, medicine, biology, among many others. The main objective of this workshop is to promote communication, collaboration, and transfer of knowledge between research centers in mathematics and companies, through successful case studies of emerging mathematical applications. This event intends to potentiate opportunities for joint research or to promote new industry and services careers for young researchers in mathematics.

Workshop Format: The workshop will be held in a virtual format, with communications organized in two sessions of 1h30 each and a break of 30 minutes between the two sessions. A slot of 20 minutes will be allocated to each company, that can be used for a short presentation of the company, its main research areas, including past, ongoing, or possible future connections with academia, more specifically with mathematicians. The presentation of very short case studies related to mathematical applications or challenging research topics in Mathematics is very welcomed.

Invited Participants: Currently, the following participants have accepted the invitation to enroll in the workshop:




INDUCTIVA Research Labs




Speakers and Program:




Edited/published: 25/11/2021