- February 19-22, 2008: International Conference on Mathematics and Continuum Mechanics
- June 12-14, 2008: CIM/CRM Workshop on Fi- nancial Time Series
-  June 16-21, 2008: GAP VI - Workshop on Geometry and Physics
- June 26-28, 2008: Workshop on Nonparametric Inference - WNI2008
- July 7-9, 2008: WEAA - Workshop on Estimating Animal Abundance
- July 21-26, 2008: CIM/UC Summer School on Dynamical Systems
- September, 2008: International Meeting on Calculus of Variations and Applications
- January 12, 2008 - Lie Algebras and Applications
- March 1, 2008 - Graph Theory and Combinatorics
- February 8, 2008: Numerical Optimization: Theory and Practice


The CIM Scientific Council will meet in Coimbra, at the Hotel Quinta das L ́agrimas, on February 9, to discuss the CIM scientific programme for 2009.

We present a brief introduction to the study of homological categories, which en- compass many algebraically-like categories, namely the category of groups, and also categories of topological algebras.

Hans, you are immediately recognized in the mathematical analysis community by your expertise within the theory of function spaces, your books on the subject serving as unavoidable reference. Can you tell us a little about how this interest started ?

Originally published by the American Mathematical Society in MATH in the MEDIA, a section of the AMS Website, www.ams.org/mathmedia, edited by Tony Phillips. Reprinted with permission.

This is the first part of a conversation with F. W. Lawvere, that took place in Braga on the 28th of March 2007, during the Workshop “Applied and Computational Category Theory”, a satellite event of the ETAPS 2007 Conference, and continued in June, in Carvoeiro (Algarve), during the Category Theory 2007 Conference - that celebrated the 70th birthday of F. W. Lawvere. The second part of this interview, conducted by Maria Manuel Clementino and Jorge Picado (University of Coimbra), will appear in the next issue of the Bulletin.