- March 9-10, 2007: Follow-up Workshop on Statistics in Genomics and Proteomics
- April 10-14, 2007: Workshop on Mathematical Control Theory and Finance
- April 13-19, 2007: The 60th Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2007
- June 27-29, 2007: EPSA 2007: Workshop and Advanced School on Eigenvalue Problems, Software and Applications
- July 18-20, 2007: LQCIL’07 Workshop on Quantum Cryptography
- July 22-27, 2007: CIM/UC Summer School “Topics in Nonlinear PDEs”
- September 17-19, 2007: ROBOMAT 2007 Workshop on Robotics and Mathematics
- October 26-27, 2007: Follow-up Workshop on Optimization in Finance

The CIM Scientific Council will meet in Coimbra on February 10, to discuss the CIM scientific programme for 2008.

We present some results on the statistical features of certain chaotic dynamical sys- tems. We shall focus on the existence of physical measures, decay of correlations and statistical stability.


This is the mathematical part of a conversation with James Yorke, that took place at the University of Aveiro on the 21st of July 2006, the first day of the Conference “Views on ODEs” - in honor of Arrigo Cellina and James A. Yorke. It ranged from his recent research interests to opinions on how to teach mathematics and how to write a paper. It was fun playing Watson to his Sherlock - I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

José Monteiro da Rocha was born in a small town in the north of Portugal, named Canavezes (Amarante), in the 25th of June, 1734. We could not find relevant information about his early years. However it is known that the young Jos ́e went to Brasil as part of the “Companhia de Jesus”. In 1752 we find him as a teacher in the Jesuit school “Colégio da Baía”. Coincidentally to the Marquês de Pombal laws against the Jesuits in 1759, José Monteiro da Rocha leaves the religious institution and returns to Portugal. In 1770 he gets the degree of “bacharel” from the University of Coimbra.