- January 27-28: Follow-up Workshop Mathemat- ics and the Environment
- April 10-12: Aveiro Workshop on Graph Spec- tra
- June 28-30: Workshop From Lie Algebras to Quantum Groups
- July 19-21: Mathematics in Chemistry
- September 4-8: 3rd International Workshop on Mathematical Techniques and Problems in Telecommunications
- September 20-24: Summer School on Mathematics in Biology and Medicine

- CIM Thematic Term on Optimization
- International Conference On Semigroups And Languages
- Workshop on Statistics in Genomics and Proteomics

Classically speaking, convolution operators W on intervals omega are one-dimensional linear integral operators where the integration kernels depend on the difference of the arguments and the domain of integration as well as the range of the independent variable are given by the same interval:

Glacial climate cycles and the least common multiple. In part of the late glacial period severe cli- mate oscillations occurred with a period of almost ex- actly 1470 years; these are documented by ice-core sam- ples from Greenland, and are called Dansgaard-Oescher (DO) events. 

Professor Sossinsky, can we start this interview with the genesis of your celebrated book “Knots, mathematics with a twist” (KMT) ?

The Director of the Centro Internacional de Matema ́tica (CIM) is a member of ERCOM. What does it mean? How can CIM benefit from this membership? Shortly, what is ERCOM?