Pedro Nunes Lectures

Alfio Quarteroni is Professor of Numerical Analysis at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Director of MOX.

CIM Bulletin

The CIM Bulletin is an annual publication whose main purpose is to promote Mathematics and, specially, mathematical research.

About CIM

CIM (International Center for Mathematics) is a not-for-profit, privately-run association that aims at developing and promoting research in Mathematics. At present CIM has 20 associates, including three Portuguese Universities, twelve Research Centres in the Mathematical Sciences, two Institutes, and three national scientific societies.

CIM is responsible for two scientific publications, which are constantly open to the community for contributions:

The main activities of CIM include sponsoring events, organizing lectures for the community, and awarding the CIM Medal: 

CIM is a member of ERCOM - European Reseach Centres on Mathematics and of IMSI - International Mathematical Sciences Institutes.