CIM series in Mathematical Sciences (CIM-MS)

The CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences (CIM-MS) is published by Springer-Verlag. The birth of the CIM-MS Series occurred during a meeting between the Executive Board of CIM and the Springer-Verlag Executive Editor for Mathematics, Martin Peters, who honoured us with a visit to the headquarters of CIM at University of Coimbra.

The CIM-MS Series contains proceedings of CIM events, consisting of expository articles, research monographs and lecture course notes, among others. Springer developed a special book design for the CIM Series in close collaboration with CIM and publishes, distributes and is selling the books in the CIM series worldwide in any medium, in particular in electronic form. The president of the Executive Board of CIM and the president of the Scientific Council of CIM are the editors of the CIM-MS series.

We invite all the Scientific Community to consider the publication within the CIM-MS Series of volumes, as authors or editors, that will have an international recognised scientific impact in their research area. In addition, we also encourage the publication, in this Series, of Lectures Notes associated to Summer Schools supported by CIM.

If your institution has access to the CIM-MS Series e-books, you'll be able to download them on your computer at no additional cost. Just select any volume and you'll be led to a page where it can be downloaded, as well as any of its chapters separately. 

Please keep in mind that, to get access, you'll have to browse the page from an IP of your institution.

SharedIt -- If you have access to the electronic book, you can rely on the SharedIt feature to share a link to a book chapter of your choice so others can get read access to it. This is especially convenient if you are a chapter author/co-author and want to promote your paper among your peers.

How to share a chapter link in three steps:

  • Within the page of the chosen volume, click on the chapter title that you want.
  • Locate the link "Share paper" on the right and click on it.
  • Copy the Shareable Link that shows up and share it via your social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook or Research Gate, or insert it into your personal web page.

An example:

Volume "Topics in Applied Analysis and Optimisation" > Chapter "Recent Trends and Views on Elliptic Quasi-Variational Inequalities" > Shareable Link: (click to see what happens).