CIM Bulletin

ISSN 2183-8062 (print version) ISSN 2183-8070 (electronic version)

Ana Cristina Moreira Freitas

Editorial Board:
António Fernandes*
Carlos Florentino
Samuel Lopes

* Responsible for the production and graphic design of the bulletin.



The CIM Bulletin is an annual publication whose main purpose is to promote Mathematics and, specially, mathematical research.
In particular, since its first issue, one of the goals of the CIM Bulletin is to support and announce the activities of CIM and of its associates, which includes summaries and reports of conferences, workshops and other scientific events, as well as interviews to renowned mathematicians, such as the invited speakers of the Pedro Nunes Lectures.

The CIM Bulletin also publishes review, featured, outreach and research articles, both invited and submitted. It should be noted that these do not include specialised research papers, which are encouraged to be submitted to Portugaliae Mathematica, Revstat or Boletim da SPM.

The articles submitted should be short (2-6 pages long) and written for a wide audience with the intent of stimulating and presenting recent trends of research in Mathematics. All articles will be reviewed by one or more specialists in the subject.

Material intended for publication should be sent by email to one of the editors.

Instructions for authors.