25/09/2017 a 29/09/2017 CIM-SPM, FCG, FCT, CMUC e CMUP.

25-27-29 September

Étienne Ghys (ENS, Lyon)


Étienne Ghys (born 29 December 1954) is a French mathematician recognised for his outstanding contributions in the fields of geometry and dynamical systems, as well as for his exceptional role in the dissemination of Mathematics.

Presently, he is a CNRS Directeur de Recherche at ENS, Lyon. His impressive research has lead to many distinctions and awards, such as his elevation to the french Académie des Sciences in 2004, the title of Chevalier de la légion d’honneur in 2012, the invitations as a speaker at the ICM of Kyoto, as a member of the program committee for the ICM in Hyderabad, as a member of the Fields Medal committee in 2014 or the prize Prix Servant of the Académie des Sciences. He is an honorary member of several prestigious societies around the world and was distinguished as doctor honoris causa by the University of Geneva, in 2008. He has served as editor of several prestigious journals such as Annals of Mathematics and Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS.

His work in the promotion of mathematics is remarkable and was distinguished with the Clay award for dissemination of mathematical knowledge, in 2015, the Prix du livre audio 2011, the Prix d’Alembert de la SMF, in 2010. His series of films, produced with Aurélien Alvarez and Jos Leys and published as DVDs and online in many languages, has had a huge impact on high school students.  The first, Dimensionshas been downloaded more than a million times.


25 September 2017

18:00 Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Auditório 3)

Engarrafamentos nas grandes cidades: o preço da anarquia.

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27th of September

15:00 Universidade de Coimbra (Room Pedro Nunes Dep. Math.)

Três bolas matemáticas


29th of September

14:30 Universidade do Porto (Room 0.07 Dep. Math.)

Singularidades de curvas algébricas reais, um ponto de vista topológico.

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Edited/published: 14/10/2017