Portuguese Mathematical Typography from 1496 to 1987

02/07/2021 a 31/10/2021

Exhibition (Portuguese Catalog)

2nd July to 31st October 2021, Moinho de Papel, Leiria


With more than five centuries of history, the Portuguese typography encloses unknown treasures, among which the mathematical typography, with its special symbols, tables, and illustrations. The Almanach Perpetuum was published in the city of Leiria, 525 years ago. This is the first scientific book in the Portuguese press, which was instrumental for navigation in the Age of Discovery.

Covering the period until the publication of the first volume of Portugaliae Mathematica, composed electronically in tex, exactly 500 years after printing the first book in Portugal, this unprecedented exhibition, with 32 significant works, presents the history of the mathematical sciences in Portugal, passing through the essential military engineering in the Restoration Wars, the reform of colleges, academies and universities, and also some modern scientific research.

The exhibition is open to the public from the 2nd of July to the 31st of October of 2021, at the six-centennial Moinho de Papel, in Leiria, and is expected to be resumed in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon, in 2022.


Edited/published: 14/07/2021