08/03/2024 a 08/03/2024

The CIM Colloquium is a Mathematical Sciences event taking place before the annual council of the CIM Associates. This year the lecture will be delivered by Bruno Loff, Professor at Departamento de Matemática da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, and an integrated researcher at LASIGE, on the 8th of March, at 02:30 pm (Lisbon time).


TITLE: Killing Leibniz's dream


The 2021 Abel prize in Mathematics was awarded to Avi Wigderson, a researcher in Computational Complexity. But why was he even eligible? Isn't Computational Complexity part of Computer Science?

In the talk, I will make the argument that Computational Complexity is a foundational mathematical discipline. For this purpose, I will give a survey of its history, starting with Hilbert's address to the World Congress of Mathematics in 1900, through Alan Turing's invention of the computer and the discovery and eventual formalization of the P vs NP problem. I will try to convince you that this is one of the most profound unsolved mathematical problems of our time.


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This event is supported by CIM.

Edited/published: 23/02/2024